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Harmani is a small business Limited Liability Company (LLC) acquired by Harmani Associates International, LLC in January, 2011. Harmani offers educational, technological, and e-publishing solutions to students, parents, schools, clients, corporations, federal, state, and local U.S. agencies nationwide as well as abroad. Harmani is an extremely effective educational, technological, and translation support services provider registered in Philadelphia, PA and listed in the SBA Central Contractor Registration database as a minority and U.S. veteran owned enterprise with an office located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Harmani's website, other web-based infrastructures, and staff of highly-qualified educational, technological, and e-publishing professionals allow us to perform our services as efficiently and effectively as possible via online and in-person methods. Our students and other clients are guaranteed to experience great benefits from the services that Harmani provides. We are improving not only their individual capabilities and the number of opportunities available to them, but also their visions of our high-tech multi-cultural world as a whole. In keeping with the Harmani tradition of professionalism, we have earned a strong reputation for delivering affordable, efficient, and high-quality services to all.
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